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Taking Advantage Of My Grieving Aunt

She’d just lost her husband.

I’d just found my opportunity…


Last night my uncle Jerry died. He was a nice old codger, but he was no longer my concern. His wife - Margie - my aunt, was.

Margie was a 45-year-old milf. She sported long, sandy-blonde hair, deep, green eyes, a large, motherly bosom and shapely legs.

After three kids, she was no spring chicken. But as her last had long since grown up, her body had rebounded beautifully.

I just so happened to be staying with them for the weekend when Uncle Jer ate one too many hamburgers and keeled over dead. Actually, it was probably the entire bottle of Jack he downed, but the moment people hear about the burger, they assume it was that.

As there was no other family or friends around, it fell to me to console her.

Of course I couldn't resist such a twisted and demented act as that!

After everyone had left and it was just her and I, I heard Margie crying softly in her bedroom.

This was my chance!

Creeping up the stairs, my heart thundering in my chest like a runaway freight train, I rapped gently on the door.

"Margie?" I asked softly, my voice catching in my throat. "Is everything all right?"

"No, Tom. Come in."

I gulped at the sadness in her voice. It would be awfully tough losing someone that close.

Margie was sitting on the bed in just a see-through nightie. Her face was red and puffy and dotted with tears. I wanted so badly to throw my arms around her and kiss away every last tear.

That time would come.

"Oh Aunt Margie..." I sat next to her and wrapped my strong arms around her suddenly vulnerable neck and shoulders.

"You don't know what its like..." She laid her head on my shoulder and sobbed. I just held her as her scalding tears soaked my shirt.

I felt bad for her, but Uncle Jerry was a bit of an asshole. I glanced down and gasped as I realized that I could see right down her nightie - and she wasn't wearing a bra!

My God...

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