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Stray Dog Fuck 3-Pack Complete!

It was the damnedest thing! I heard a scratching at the door and when I went to investigate it, a scraggly, stray German Shepherd waltzed right in and jumped up on the couch.

Just like he owned the place! That cur!

I tried to shoo him out, but he just bared his fangs and refused to leave.

Stories Included:

- Stray Dog Fuck 1: Raped In My Own Home!
- Stray Dog Fuck 2: Dominating Sis
- Stray Dog Fuck 3: Knotting My Cousin


"Hey mom, I'm --" I walked in from work, set my stuff down on the table and heard a noise in the living room. I hurried to investigate as I'd heard some screaming from outside and wondered just what in the hell was going on.

But when I stumbled upon the sick scene before me, I was stunned into complete silence. My eyes saw the scene, but my mind could not comprehend it.

"Hey, honey! You're just in time!" Mom said breathlessly.

My mouth open all the way as I watched my very naked mother sitting on all fours fornicating with a strange dog I'd never seen before. His tongue was half-way out of his mouth, lolling from side to side with the biggest doggy grin I'd ever seen in my entire life plastered on his face.


She looked up at me with a dazed, ecstasy-filled face, her hair plastered to her skin and her large, motherly breasts hanging half-way to the ground. This was absolutely absurd. What on earth was mom doing fornicating with a dog? Had she lost her ever-loving mind?

"Look behind me!" She pointed behind her.

With a worried look on my face, I stepped behind mom and the dog and gasped when I saw that she was knotted to the beast. His large knot was tying them together.

"Doesn't that hurt?" I couldn't believe mom was doing this. What on earth had possessed her?

"Of course." She deadpanned. "It hurts so GOOD!"

I stood there and watched as shot after shot of hot doggy cum sprayed endlessly from the stray's throbbing red rocket. Mom was babbling and even though I should've been appalled, something warm inside me grew. A few minutes of watching my mother get knocked up by a dog and my panties grew wet.

Something about this whole bizarre situation was making me horny. No, I should've been disgusted at watching a stray cur defile my own mother like this.

But I wasn't.

"That's a good girl. When he's finished with me, maybe he'll knock you up, too."

The vile, filthy words fell from my mother's lips and tickled my ear. This was so disgusting!

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