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The Divine Women of Ancient Kemet by Faheem Judah-El - Paperback - Free Shipping

Divine women of ancient Kemet such as (Queen/Empress) Hemet Tiye, Nefertiti, Nefertari, Ahmose Nefertari, and Hatshepsut are well-known Kemetian Empresses today, but few people are familiar with Empresses such as Sobekneferu or Tausret. More than a dozen women may have ruled Kemet after the founding of the first dynasty; and while there are numerous works written about a few famous Empresses there is no single work highlighting the lives of Empresses, Princesses, and Netjerts (Divinities) as a group in ancient Kemet. Question: why did some of the Queens or Empresses become Pharoahs? Answer: despite the lack of research, Egyptologists still perpetuate the belief that women have only ruled Kemet and Kush at the end of dynasties due to the lack of a male heir, in an attempt to preserve the domination of the ruling family or dying bloodline, and this is just not true. This belief is the result of foreign scholarship not overstanding how female rule worked in ancient Kemet.

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