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The Sheikh's Secret Love Child

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A desert king, a beautiful surfer, a brief affair which puts them all in danger…

Sheikh Zeeshan ibn Mohammed Aziz, King of Ahmar, believed he’d found the woman he wanted to marry when Samantha Cross came sweeping into his life with her devastating beauty and a character to match. But she’d disappeared without trace with equal speed. When he’s informed she’s pregnant with his baby, he tracks her down and brings her home. He knows what growing up without a father did to his half-siblings, and he won’t allow that to happen to his child.

Sexy, freedom-loving Samantha had only accepted the dare to flirt with the Sheikh of Ahmar for a bit of fun. But she had no idea the ‘friend’ who’d issued the dare was involved with Russian Intelligence who planned to lure Zeeshan to his death. As soon as she discovered what was really going on, she went into hiding to protect her baby.

But she hadn’t taken into account the determination of a man scorned, and not just any man—a sheikh, a desert king, a man who’d stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

--Secrets of the Sheikhs--

The Sheikh's Revenge by Seduction
The Sheikh's Secret Love Child
The Sheikh's Marriage Trap

--The Sheikhs of Havilah--

The Sheikh’s Secret Baby
Bought by the Sheikh
The Sheikh’s Forbidden Lover
Surrender to the Sheikh
Taken for the Sheikh's Harem

--Desert Kings--

Wanted: A Wife for the Sheikh
The Sheikh's Bargain Bride
The Sheikh's Lost Lover
Awakened by the Sheikh
Claimed by the Sheikh
Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh
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The Sheikh's Marriage Trap


The Sheikh's Revenge by Seduction


Secrets of the Sheikhs Boxed Set (Books 1-3)