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Blackmailed Bitches 1: Blackmailing My Married Sister

My 18-year-old sis, Amber, had found herself a rich dude to settle down with. That would’ve been fine, but I wanted her for myself. The marriage was nice and lovely, but to see them all lovey-dovey tore me up.

Not three days after the ceremony, my good buddy caught sis making out with another guy. What a fucking slut.

How far would my little sister go to hide her affair from her husband?


I couldn’t believe that my sister, Amber, had been broken in already. At eighteen, it was a surprise to the whole family that she got married so young. She had her best years ahead of her and yet she gave her heart away to the first man who came along.

I was livid, but my parents didn’t seem to mind. The guy she married was older than her but very wealthy. The whole thing was fucking shameful.

As a protective big brother, I had to hide my displeasure. It wasn’t easy. I knew I’d never get to sink my mammoth cock into Amber’s tight blonde pussy, but I couldn’t stand the thought of someone else stretching out her virgin flower.

It had been three days since her wedding night - three days of me being scarred by the mental image of her getting drilled by some rich asshole from the city. He seemed to come out of nowhere; laying down roots in our small town and plucking Amber off the shelf like she was some prize at the local state county fair.

Still, I suppose I should have been happy. Blonde, curvy and fertile, Amber could have easily become a cum-bucket for the entire male population of our town, so settling down with just one guy shouldn’t have made me so jealous.

But my torment proved to be short-lived.

Now that Amber had a taste for sex, after giving her precious cherry to her new husband on her wedding night, I found out that she was already cheating. My innocent little sister was now a bona fide slut.

At last I had ammunition – a bargaining chip that could unlock the gates of heaven for me. She loved her new rich life and would have done anything to protect it...

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