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Brother Sister 50

Fifty of your favorite stories for one SUPER-LOW price!

This brother/sister bundle features 50 of my hottest stories all in one place for your reading pleasure.

These hot chicks just love getting it on with their brothers and they want you to be a part of it.

Some of these stories will overlap with my other mega-bundles.

- Knocking up my Sleeping Sister
- Hypnotizing Mom & Sis
- Knocking up my Married Sister
- Whored out by Daddy to Pay the Bills
- Banged by My Drunk, Horny Brother
- My Brother Came In My Horny, Fertile Cunt
- Mind-Controlling My Brother
- Spilling My Brother's Seed
- Breeding My Bratty Sister
- I'm Fertile. Dad's Gone. Fuck Me, Bro!
- Home Alone With Brother
- Banging Bella
- Blackmailing Brother
- Cumming in my Sister's Cute Cunt
- My Sister, My Cum Slave
- Impregnating My Wife & Sister
- Breeding My Slutty Sister
- Slumber Party With My Sisters Part 1
- Bred & Humiliated By My Brother & His Dog
- Slamming My Sleeping Sister
- Family Gangbang 1 - Fucking Mom & Sis At The Same Time
- Family Gangbang 2 - Filling Mom & Sis's Cunts With My Seed
- Sister Mind Control 1 - My Sister Obeyed My Every Command
- Family Sleep Sex 1: Surprising My Sleeping Sister
- Family Gangbang 4: Mom Helped Me Gangbang My Two Sisters
- Family Mind Control 1: Mind Controlled Mom & Sis
- Family Mind Control 2: Breeding Mom & Sis Like Cattle
- Sister Mind Control 2: Impregnating My Hypnotized Sister
- Breaking Bad Girls 1: Breaking Sis
- Mom & Sis 1: Playing Hide & Seek With Mom & Sis
- Pure Sex 5: Accidentally Fell On Sis Part 1 Sis
- Pure Sex 6: Accidentally Fell On Sis Part 2 Mom & Sis
- Breeding Mom & Sis Like Cattle - Hucow
- Mind Controlling Mom & Sis To Breed
- Punish Breeding My Three Sisters!
- Please Brother! Don't Tell Mom & Dad! We'll Do Anything!
- Family Mind Control 3: Mind Controlling Mom & My Two Sisters
- Mind Controlled My Sister To Ovulate
- Controlling & Breeding My Bimbo Sister
- Knocking Up My Knocked Out Sister
- Hypnotizing My Sister To Take My Big Fat Cock In Her Ass
- Sis Helped Me Fuck Mom's Bitch - Part 1
- Knocking Twins In My Mind Controlled Sister's Belly
- My Sister Caught Me Breeding Mom!
- Raping My Hucow Mom & Sis
- Turned Myself Into A Dog To Mind Control My Sister
- Mom Sold My Virginity To My Brother!
- Don't You DARE Tell Mom & Dad! We'll Do Anything!
- Hypnotized My Sister With A Voodoo Doll
- My Sister Drank My Love Potion


"Just come over, bro..." Anne, my 19-year-old sister said over the phone. "We can talk about it when you get here."

It had been awhile since I'd seen my very hot, blonde-haired, blue-eyed sister. It had been so long that I nearly lost my shit when she opened the door.

Sis was dressed in a very see-through dress with no panties or bra. Pretty much everything was on display and God damn if my little sis hadn't grown up.

"Hello, Dean..." she purred and smiled like she knew a hidden secret. "Are you going to come inside or just stare at my hot body all night?"

"Why can't I do both?" I stammered as I'd never had these kind of thoughts for sis before. She'd always been the little sister you teased, you know? But now…

Looking at her breasts, I could see that she really HAD grown up. My God, she was stacked.

It didn't take long before we were all caught up with recent events. The guy she'd married was a dick and he demanded to knock her up before he left for a stint in the Army. She had no desire to be bred by him like some kind of piece of meat.

She explained that she'd taken a morning-after pill, but he left thinking that he'd knocked her up. He would expect a baby when he got back. And he wasn't the type of guy you disappointed.

"That's where you come in, love..." She sidled up next to me on the couch and put her arm around me.

"Me?" I squeaked. "What do you want from me?"

Anne leaned in close, kissed my ear and whispered seductively. "Why, I want your baby, Deanie. I remember the last thing you said to me at the wedding: that if I ever needed anything, you were just phone call away." She snaked her long tongue down my ear, sending wicked, vicious shivers all up and down my spine. "Well, I'm calling..."

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