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Gangbanged By The Horny Farm Animals

I just wanted to pet the horsies! I didn't know they were all going to gangbang me and force me to carry their babies!


Let me back up. My name's Pam and I love animals. All types. Horsies, moo-moos, goats, sheep and of course dogs and cats. Of course I have other favorites, too.

So, whenever I get a chance, I like to drive around and just see the wildlife or scope out the farms with my binoculars and photography equipment.

You could say it's a passion of mine.

One day last week, I was driving around in this really rural area somewhere in the Midwest and spotted a LARGE farm. I mean - huge. Not just corn or wheat or soybeans, they had that, too, but they had TONS of animals.

We're talking llamas, cows, horsies, goats, sheep, you name it, they had it. I was so excited I could scarcely breathe! The first opportunity I found, I pulled over, grabbed my camera equipment and began taking every picture I could. This was gold!

But something compelled me to see the animals up close. I'd never really been with the animals, you know? I've studied them from afar, took copious pics of them, but had never been up close and personal with them.

I shivered in anticipation as I thought about what I was doing. In all the years I'd been doing this, not once had I ever trespassed. And the one time I did...

Well, now I'm getting ahead of myself.

There were so many animals and I wanted to visit each and every one. But my first love has been - and always will be - horses. So, that's where I went first.

There were three of them, all grazing contentedly in the field. Two fillies and a stallion. I don't know why I did it, but I hopped the fence and walked right up to them, palms outstretched.

Every nerve in my body tingled. I could get in a LOT of trouble for this. But I just wanted to pet the animals. Can't blame a girl for that, right?

I should've known something was up as the two lady horsies came right up to me, but the male stood back, his head held high and stiff and his eyes alert.

They nuzzled my hand and a chill swept through my body as they actually let me pet them. However, out of the corner of my eyes I saw the big, black male circling around aggressively. Perhaps he didn't like me petting his lady horsies.

Whatever it was, he made me nervous. What made me even more nervous was that his massive, elongated horse dick was jutting out, hanging near to the ground.

Why would —

Oh shit. I'd forgotten to take the pill and I was now at peak fertility. He could no doubt smell my ovulating pheromones.

With fear coursing through my veins, I slowly backed away. This wasn't worth the few pats I could get. It wasn't more than two steps before the horse snorted, pawed the ground and raced up to me, knocking me to the dirt.

"Hey! Watch what you're doing!" I yelled and kicked out at him.

But the big brute was too quick and cunning for me. He trotted around me, snorting and tossing his beautiful head around like he was king of the farm.

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